The Seeress's Prophecy

Seeds of Chaos


  1. Sigil: the Temple Ward, The Hotel, and the Twisted Ward.
  2. Plane of Fire: the village of Athenaze, and the Slaadi Nest in the wilderness.


  • The party bought an airship from the Planar Trade Emporium, calling it The Dutch Olive.
  • Having met up with Krion in the foyer of The Hotel in Sigil‘s Market of Three Pillars, the party were led through some of Sigil’s less pleasant districts to a dead-end in the Twisted Ward. Krion took three different coloured pebbles out of his pocket, and spoke a key-word, and a portal to the Plane of Fire opened. He stepped through, leaving the party to ponder his trustworthiness, but a short time later he returned and handed out pebbles to all. The party stepped through the portal, and found themselves on a blasted plain on the Plane of Fire.
  • The party traveled for a time, eventually reaching the village of Athenaze, which was under attack by a number of Slaadi. They fought off the Slaadi, and learned about the attacks and the disease and death that followed them.
  • They worked out that the disease was Chaos Phage, a disease caused by the implanting of a Slaadi embryo into a victim. They cured some of the villagers, but allowed one to die, then followed the juvenile slaad to find their nest.
  • They killed off the Slaadi, and were about to apply flame to the chamber wherein writhed the hatchlings, when they learned that the headman of the village had sent a pair of Volcanic Dragons to exterminate everything on the site.

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