The Seventh Sacrifice


The Seventh Sacrifice is one of two organizations vying for control of the criminal element in Sigil. Although the Sacrifice’s network of agents is vast, it is all under the control of a figure known as Kankaras, and his two lieutenants, Devlin (a half-devil cambion with a broken horn) and Thraxsyll (a beholder). Devlin is the face of the organization, and is a popular and respected figure about town. Thraxsyll is the head of the Sacrifice’s security, and is seldom seen except by those soon to be dead. As to Kankaras himself, no-one knows who or what he is, or even whether he is indeed a “him”. The Seventh Sacrifice has influence in many circles in Sigil: while they are certainly involved in thefts, narcotics, and assassinations, it is rumored that they are seen as important allies by the Planar Trade Consortium, and even the Iron Council.


  1. It is possible that the party has already had a run-in with the Seventh Sacrifice when they disrupted what appears to have been a deal of some kind. The portal through which they came to Sigil deposited them right in the middle of a deal being conducted between two groups, one led by a devil, the other by a vampire. The groups were, apparently, negotiated the exchange of a certain illithid prisoner, as well as of some spherical vials of green fluid, for a large sum of money. The party killed all present, including the illithid, and took both money and fluid. Further investigation reveals that the fluid has narcotic properties: it is the drug called Ambrosia by the people of Sigil. Furthermore, devils would indicate agents of The Seventh Sacrifice, while vampires would suggest agents of The Silver Sun.

The Seventh Sacrifice

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