Twisted Ward


The Twisted Ward is one of the more dangerous places to visit in Sigil; those who wander in unwittingly seldom wander back out again. The ward gets its (unofficial) name from the many twisting alleyways that run between, under, over, and sometimes even through, the low buildings. Finding one’s way would be difficult in bright sunshine; in Sigil’s almost perpetual fog it is well nigh impossible without a guide. Strangers are well advised to stay away.


The Twisted Ward appears at first to be utterly anarchic, but of course that is far from the truth. Sharp-eyed visitors will notice certain marks daubed on buildings or tattooed on loitering residents: most prevalent are a stylized red dagger, and a silver circle with radiating lines. To those in the know, these signs are familiar: the former is the mark of The Seventh Sacrifice, the latter is the mark of The Silver Sun.

Experiences in the Twisted Ward

  1. The party was led into the Twisted Ward by Krion the Fire Giant, in whose presence they were left well enough alone. He led them by a fairly straight route to a blind alley, one wall of which contained a secret portal that, when activated, led to the Plane of Fire.

Twisted Ward

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